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10 killer local SEO tips in 2018 for your business

Local SEO is particularly important for small businesses as these businesses are looking for customers on a regional level. Essentially local SEO services focus on achieving ranking for location-specific keywords. Local SEO strategies aim to garner leads and customers from a particular region. Local SEO helps smaller businesses compete with large companies with since the SEO tactics are more relevant to local consumers. By carrying out successful local SEO campaigns you can surpass even famous brands. Effective local SEO services involve in broader keyword optimisation and brand recognition and can bring in a steady stream of organic traffic . With each passing year, local SEO is gaining prominence. So, here are 10 insider local SEO tips so that you miss out on a substantial amount of qualified leads.


Creation and Optimization of Google My Business Account

The first and foremost thing you need to do is featuring your business on Google My Business listing. By claiming your business on Google My Business, you can establish a strong online presence. By listing your business on Google My Business, you can further make your website appear on Google maps. You also have to optimise your Google My Business account to get ranking for relevant searches on all types of devices. With Google authentication, your business can also show up in the sidebar space of Google search result pages. To optimise your Google My Business account you have to make sure the following;

  • You have to get your account verified
  • You have to provide accurate information and have to keep the information updated
  • You have to mention operation hours of your business, your company logo, available payment methods
  • You also have to mention all of the services and provides that your business offer with plenty of clear images of the same
  • You have to generate useful content in your account
  • You have to ask your happy customers to leave positive reviews about your business

Get positive reviews from your satisfied customers

You should also request your happy customers to write reviews on the products and services they purchased from your business.  A positive review works like personal word of mouth recommendation and goes a long way in increasing your online sales. Reviews also strengthen your Google My Business account and help optimise your website to get better ranking on Google search result pages. Here are some proven tips to encourage your customers to write reviews about your business.

  • You can request them for review right after closing a sale.
  • You can make a list of your satisfied customers and send them texts or emails to leave a review
  • Once you receive reviews you should respond to those in a professional manner. In case of positive reviews you should thank them and request them to make purchases again. In case of not so favourable review you should address the issue and assure them to evasive actions to fix the same.

Voice search optimisation

You have to optimise your website for voice searches as it is increasing in leaps and bounds. Voice searches are different in nature compared to searches made through typing. People use more long-tail keyword when they make voice searches. So your local SEO tricks should aim at optimising contents for questions like queries that start with who, when, what, where, how etc. While optimising your website for voice searches you should keep the intent of the user in mind.  More often than not, people look for particular information when making voice searches, so your local SEO techniques need to make sure that the answers to such queries are instantly available.

Creation of local News, stories or event based content

To grab the attention of the local customers you should create useful contents related to local events or activities. You should come up with blogs about local news stories. You can also videos about local events that your targeted local audience would love to read. Web pages of your website should be location-specific in case your business targets multiple regions. This local SEO step will help your website get ranking for location specific searches.


Mobile optimisation of website

Your local SEO campaign should focus on optimise your website for all mobile devices. Local traffic from mobile devices comes with the best buying intent. So, optimising website for mobile devices can be very productive. Here are some significant SEO tactics for mobile optimisation.

  • Make sure that your website loading time is minimal
  • Make sure flawless UX by providing intuitive UI
  • Make optimal use of images and copies
  • Be precise in conveying information
  • Use bigger fonts that are easier to read

Focus on local keywords

Pretty obviously, your local SEO should focus on optimising your website for local keywords relevant to your business. You should come up with location-specific keywords and use them in URL, meta tags and contents.  Along with keywords for specific locations, you should also include hotspots and landmarks of particular regions.

Create location-specific “About Us” page

If your business serves multiple regions you should incorporate location pages on your website with the following set of essential information;

  • Address, phone number, and name of your business
  • Individualised store description and business hour
  • Promotions and testimonials
  • Attachment of Google map on every location page
  • Unique content for each location page

If your business serves only one location, the “About Us” page should consist of locally relevant information.


Utilise online business directories

One of the most effective local SEO steps for your small business is featuring your website on business directories online like Yelp, MapQuest. By mentioning your business details on these directories you can improve the visibility of your business. Your business listing should comprise of the following details;

  • Accurate information of your business name, address, and contact number. And, this information should be consistent in all online directories.
  • A backlink to help users land upon your website
  • An attractive description of your business

Acquire high-quality backlinks

Even for local SEO, backlink generation is one of the keys to get top Google ranking and increased amount of organic traffic.  Here are some insider tips to gain high quality backlinks organically;

  • Generate unique and engaging content on your website so that external websites would want to get linked to your website.
  • Post guest blogs on reputable and authoritative websites
  • Make engagements with local influencers in your niche through email or on social media to get backlinks

Create Web pages for all of your product and services

You should create separate web pages for each and every service or product that your business offers. This will help your website as an authority for multiple services or products. And the same applies if your business serves multiple locations. You should create multiple location pages even if you don’t offer different products or services.

Local SEO is fast gaining prominence

For the success of any business especially smaller ones, local SEO is instrumental. By implementing these 10 actionable local SEO tips, you can optimise your website effectively for local searches, gain Google page 1 ranking for most competitive keywords and enjoy a flood of organic traffic to your website with high conversion rate and boost your business revenue with increased online sales.

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