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15 Vital Steps to carry out PERFECT On-Site SEO

perfect On-site SEO

Today we have brought up a much trendy and useful topic for discussion. We shall talk on the FIFTEEN ESSENTIAL STEPS PUT TO USE TO GO AHEAD WITH PERFECT ON-SITE SEO.

So, let’s start… Before I go into depth, let me mention the importance of today’s topic. I am discussing the topic of working to perfect On-site SEO because many SEO executives tend to overcomplicate the search engine optimization techniques.

Optimizing the On-Site SEO is the first step to take up to ensure the SEO is in check. Although SEO is a vast stream yet we shall focus on the 15 BEST and FUNCTIONING steps to take up with the pages of the websites and posting the contents.

Here you go with the Sharp Fifteen Steps Create Remarkable On-Site SEO.

  • FIRST OF ALL, make sure every web page or a post is above 500 words.  You have to use the relevant keywords in the right places and be careful to overuse them in the content. Remember keyword stuffing is dangerous to the content and subsequently to its rank.
  • SECOND, concentrate on your focus keyword – the keyword you are targeting for each page. The focus keywords must clearly and meaningfully appear in the first heading denoted as H1. The keywords should also be present in the H2. In simple words, H1, H2, H3, and H4 tags should be used to mention the primary and secondary keywords.
  • THIRD, never deviate from keeping the focus keyword in the first paragraph.
  • FOURTH Keep on checking the entire contents to ensure you have maintained the keyword density. The result should be within 1% to 3% after you have calculated in this format: Total keywords used / Total Number of Words x 100.
  • FIFTH, make sure you have included the significant images on every page and posts. Do not forget to use Alt Tag for every image you have used. Insert the videos wherever there is a requirement.
  • SIXTH, attach different pages of the website appropriately with internal links. Each website page must be connected in a proper link circle.
  • SEVENTH, separate the contents in smaller paragraphs, with each paragraph having two to three lines. Keep in mind that one paragraph consists of 8o to 90 words, and not more.
  • EIGHTH, a call to action is a must. You have to insert a call to action, whether mentioning the dial-up number, email id or inquiry form at least once.
  • NINTH, Deal carefully with the meta descriptions. You have to keep your target keywords while writing the meta title and meta descriptions.
  • TENTH, specify the Robots.txt file to keep the search engines informed on which are the pages to be accessed and aptly indexed on your website. The Robots.txt file also informs the search engines on which pages should not be accessed and indexed.
  • ELEVENTH, use the Structured Data or Schema Markup to boost your website appearance in the search engine result pages. You should use Schema Markup since it keeps the search engines informed on what the data means, not just what the data says.
  • TWELFTH, build up site maps in the form of a hierarchal list of pages with links that are organized by topic, an XML document, and an organization chart. These provide information to the search engine crawl bots. Remember the site maps are vital for the search engines to crawl and also index the websites. It helps the content to rank within the search results.
  • THIRTEENTH, use Website Speed Optimization to improve your Google rankings and lead the competition.
  • FOURTEENTH, always use Broken Link Checker to find out the broken links and fix them. You have to save your users from a bad user experience. Even save from SEO efforts from being devalued.
  • FIFTEENTH, protect your website with the HTTPS setup. It protects your personal information as well as provides critical security and data integrity. HTTPS is even essential for browser features, especially for the requirements of progressive apps.

These are the crucial fifteen points necessary for keeping your SEO efforts perfect. With this, we come to the end of today’s discussion. While reading the information, if you think, you need an elaborate explanation to some point, do not hesitate to contact us at Intraforce Marketing.

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