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5 Brilliant Ways to Use Instagram Stories for Business

I love using Instagram stories to level up my business. Do you not?

I’m sure you are not indifferent to Instagram. Sometimes a few obstructions to the creativity could arise that you got to overcome at the earliest. Get a solution to your issue from the professionals. Experts help from Intraforce Marketing will bring about a wonderful Instagram story to elevate your business.

Attractive texts, photos, videos are the three chief tools used in Instagram stories that bring your business to the limelight. The stories are ideal to intrigue the interest of your followers both on a personal and genuine level.

So friends! I have decided to tell you the FIVE positive ways you surely have to abide by. These five ways are really congratulating when you follow them closely and use Instagram stories for your business.

Five Distinguished Methods to Use the Instagram Stories for Business Gains

We have now come to the most interesting part of today’s discussion. Read on carefully to start yourself today.

Method 1 – Highlight A Typical Day of Your Business

Photographs and videos work best to create unique Instagram stories. The videos are excellent to put up the neat and clean view of your regular activities taking place at your business. Even the photos hold up the daily efforts and achievements you have each day.

Either use your Smartphone or a high-quality digital camera to capture the videos and then get the sizes adjusted.  You can have a look at https://www.intraforcemarketing.com.au/what-should-be-the-optimal-size-for-different-social-media-images/ for the correct image and video sizes for Instagram. 

After it is done, upload the photo and the videos on the Instagram stories screen. Add one word or two as a caption. Also, you can draw text onto the photo or the video to enhance its creativity. You shall gain an interactive experience.

Method 2 – Let Your Blog Articles Show Up as Mini Articles

When I first tried this out, I was carried away by the number of followers the method fetched me.  You can always opt for an innovative way to bring your editorial content into the display.

Your business topics to draw in followers, subscribers, and consumers summing up short articles can be put together to create some splendid Instagram stories. Let us take, for instance, the cuisines, fashion, tourism, and decorations are the prime field of interest and the users are continuously looking out for new ideas. Use your Instagram stories to reach out to the audience and improve your business outlook and inevitable gains.

Create blog content and consider reviewing it before putting up as a business story. At this juncture resort to the slides sharing. Attach a few graphs and photos on the slides corresponding to the blog.

Trust me; you shall have a superb visual display just when you end uploading the slides in sequence to complete creating your Instagram stories. I can help you with some small tips. Keep an engaging image for your cover photo. Do not forget to include a concluding image containing a call to action.

The audience loves the Instagram stories formed with both photos and text inputs.  Applying the method will certainly catch the audiences’ attention. Close the Instagram story with a directive for the followers to get hints on their next immediate action.

Method 3 – Readily Involve A Facebook Live Broadcast

Indeed using the Facebook Live Broadcast is gaining popularity in being used in conjunction with your creative Instagram stories. You shall get many viewers when you post about your Facebook Live Broadcast as an Instagram story and notify the people about it.

Promoting Facebook live videos is a witty tactic for which you have to ensure creating a brief teasing story. The teasing story adds a taste to the lookout of the Facebook live event. Never forget to include the URL so that it is easier for the people to attend them. Well, the URL has to be short so for the users to click on easily. Remember clicking through a URL on the Instagram story.

Method 4 – Display the Actionable Trait of Your Products

Promote your product in Instagram stories. All your viewers can easily watch out the performance capacity of your product. The idea behind promoting the product on the Instagram story is showing the functional attributes to the people.

You are educating the people about using the product and how are your products useful to them. Education encourages them to buy.

Put the methods to use, wisely choose the colors for your physical products. You need to be careful to select the hues perfect with your brand or theme colors. To select the desired shade, hold down on a color for the color palette to appear.

But be cautious to keep clear lighting so that the audience can have a clear view.

Method 5 – Show A Rejoicing Company Milestone:

Your company is sure to organize events like celebrating the highest number of sales, accomplishing a new production technique and the skills and knowledge of certain employees to better the products.  Combine such events with the interviews and create an engaging story to bring it to the limelight in Instagram stories.

Make a grand slide show on the upcoming milestone, and the roads taken to reach to the level. You can easily use the slide show as your company accomplishment to present before the followers through Instagram stories. Stay on brand, humanize it and use the right tones to elicit your brand personality. Instruct your employees to appear professional since the video is being promoted from the end of the company.

We now come to the end of our discussion. But very soon we shall be back with another informative topic for your business.

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