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5 Powerful Keyword Research Tools

Keyword Research Tools

What is your search all about? Is it about the best keyword research tools?

Marketing campaigns have to be commenced in the right way. Is there any escapade? No, by no means! Here comes the most difficult task. Searching for the right keywords! The brand performance in the online sector depends on the correct selection of keywords. You must also know that your brand earns a ranking in the search engines thanks to the proper choice of keywords.

Dear business owners, it is normal for you to have the big question! The question is “Where is my website ranking through the keywords?”

Chill!! You have the answer. There are appropriate SEO tools suitable as great keyword research tools ready to be your friend.

You already know the two types of keywords – long tail and short tail keywords.The name says it all about the long-tail keywords. These are the longer keywords describing the business with some details. Normally the browsers type a question in Google based on the long-tail keywords.

Are you aware of the normal tendency of marketers? They prefer to use the short-tail keywords. Their preference is justified as the short-tail keywords are really good to attract a greater search volume. Additionally, these keywords even assure the brand with favorable visibility.

Well, do you know the twist in the story? Your motive to target the specific audience in better relation to your offered products and services can be fulfilled by the long-tail keywords. 

Remember your keywords should be precise and targeted. Only then will they hit the proper target audience. This direct relationship defines your business to acquire more customers today and tomorrow.

You are welcome to know more about the compactness of the keywords and the keyword research tools by interacting with the experts at info@intraforcemarketing.com.au. Experts’ help will give you a better insight about the right use of the keyword research tools and their usage.

Now let us come to the center of our discussion. The Internet is flooded with various options to make a correct selection on the best keyword research tool. For your benefits, we have scraped down the five renowned and essential keyword research tools which would provide you with required keyword suggestions according to your search with the basic keywords. Using these five brilliant keyword research tools, you can carry on with the campaign with efficiency and success.

The Top 5 Best and Popular Keyword Research Tools Available Online

Each keyword research tool is unique. Follow them closely for your own benefits.

  1. Long Tail Pro: Long Tail Pro is the leader of the keyword research tools with a 5-star rating. It is famous in the SEO market as it is the finest long-tail keyword research tool. Do you know thousands of worldwide professionals rely on the Long Tail Pro!!! Using this tool will definitely help you resort to the top-notch keyword research services at cost-effective rates.This is the time to start. Invest $37 on the starter pack and start with your journey.
  2. SEMrush: SEMrush is next to competition to Long Tail Pro. It is a global tool and you can use it for top-quality keyword research services. The additional functional quality of this tool is providing you with reports on business intelligence and competitor analysis at the same time. The markers bank on this tool for its simple and flexible features. Buy the pro version of the tool at the starting price of $69.69 to go ahead with acquiring the highly searched keywords.
  3. Google Adwords Keyword Planner: Comes next in the list is Google Adwords Keyword Planner with 4.2 ratings. Google Adwords offers its own supportive keyword research tool. The keyword research results yielded by the tool are a series of keywords, estimated costs per clicks, competition level and more related vital information. One of the prime reasons to use the Google Adwords Keyword Planner is that it needs no extra investment.
  4. Ahrefs: Ahrefs has earned 4-star ratings. It is a great high–end keyword research tool to help you with backlink research, keyword research, and content marketing. The list does not end here.  There are more. Similar to Moz, Ahrefs is a paid version, wherein you have to invest $99 to explore its features.
  5. Moz: SEO and content marketing specialists prefer Moz as it offers a suite of SEO based tools. To ease out the inbound marketing, be sure to use the Moz Keyword Explorer. Subscribe to this keyword research tool at its starting price of $99 and start working on inbound marketing.

In just one line, I would conclude. When your target is to create engaging content and ranking the website, make sure to use these five extraordinary keyword research tools.

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