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6 killer SEO Steps to prepare your website for Google in 2019

SEO trends keep evolving with each passing year. If you have long been running SEO campaigns for achieving Google page 1 position you know how hard it is to get there and harder it is to stay there. SEO is all about preparing your website for major search engines like Google in every possible aspect. Here are 6 winning SEO tips that have proved to be most effective in 2018 to gain Google’s favour. By following these sure-fire SEO steps, you can improve your search engine ranking and more importantly increase organic traffic and qualified leads to your website.

1. Understand what SEO is all about

To implement best SEO practices, you first have to understand the very purpose of optimising websites for search engines. Essentially the reason behind optimising websites is to impress and convince search engines like Google that your website is the most relevant answer to users’ search queries. If you think from your potential customers’ perspective, you will see that all that a user wants is the accurate answer to what they ask Google for.  When a search is made which relevant to your website, Google want your website to provide the user with the exact data that user is looking for. If you can provide that, Google will naturally put you in a better positing which will increase your ranking and therefore, your online visibility.


You can act as a user from your targeted market and make a search with the keywords that you optimise in your website and what results Google is providing. You can get a list of your competitors that show up on Google search result for the same set of keywords you are working on. This will help you come up with even better SEO strategy to outrank your competitors.

2. Check the functionality of your website

Before you implement your SEO strategies, you must ensure that all technical aspects of your website are flawless. You have to make sure that all the essential features like calculator, contact forms and download options work smoothly. You should also check mobile responsiveness of your website and also test its functionalities across different browsers. You should find out pages without content that show 404 errors. You also have to find out pages with broken links and remove or fix those. All these aspects contribute to higher search engine ranking.


Apart from these major aspects of your website you also have to keep an eye on the some subtle elements that also influence ranking of your website. The following are the features on your website that you have to optimise as well;

  • URLs
  • Meta descriptions
  • Alt-tags

You have to ensure that meta titles and descriptions on each of your webpage and alt tags of the images reflect the content of those pages and trigger excitements in users to make clicks.


Speed of the website is also crucial to get Google page 1 ranking so you have to increase the speed of the website as much as possible which will enhance user experience as well.  Security of the website is also instrumental in making Google convinced about the trustworthiness of your website. So, if your website is not yet a SSL certified one you have to get your certification done to make sure that your website runs on a secured channel (https).


3. Get content ready

Content still remains the king in any SEO campaign in 2018. So, you have to optimise contents on your website. The key to proper content optimisation is user-centric content. All of the contents on your website should have adequate information to answer all the queries of your potential customers. Here are some facets of your website where you have to come with unique, original and engaging contents.

  • In the ‘About Us’ section of your content you should clearly state who you are and what you do
  •  In the ‘Contact Us’ section your address and contact number should be mentioned clearly
  • You have to provide detailed description of your product offerings which includes materials, specifications, colours, return and shipping policies
  • You should encourage your satisfied clients to leave reviews which will act as testimonial content
  • Create separate pages with quality contents for each service and product your business offers
  • Highly attractive contents that highlights why your offerings are better than that of your competitors. You have to focus on value proposition to compel users to turn into your customers
  • Pay attention to video contents – come up with video demonstrations on how your products work
  • Write top quality website copies that show your in-depth knowledge in your niche and share your contents with attention-grabbing headlines on social media outlets

You have to be well aware of the objective of writing every piece of content.  You have to keep in mind what your target market wants to hear and what message you exactly want to get across. This will help you to come up with relevant contents rich in information. You should aim to write more niche-specific content so that your target audience get the best answer for their queries.

4. Make your website standout one

Consumers go through multiple websites to select the best one for making a purchase. So, you have to prepare your website in such a way that your potential customers consider it to be the best one for them to place orders. To make your website a distinguished one, you need to highlight all the key benefits that your products and services offer. What makes your offerings different than that of your competitors? Are your products and services unique in terms of features or they come at the best prices in the industry? You need to mention all these and come up with a comparison of yours and your competitors’ product review so that consumers can easily figure out why your offerings are better.  And, while mentioning these facts, you need to make it look attractive. To engage the attention of your targeted market you need to use headlines, sub-headlines, bullet points and eye-catching images.

You should also come with a value proposition of your product or service. You have to focus on making your offerings appear unique and capable of providing your customers with those benefits that your competitors cannot offer.

5. Feature only high quality images of your company and products

Visually attractive images go a long way in convincing consumers to buy what you sell. Regardless of what you sell, you need to come up with best pictures of that and incorporate those on your website. If you sell products, your product images must be clear and high-resolution one. In case you sell services, your website should contain pictures of your latest staffs. Consumers always prefer to deal with business with brick and mortar office.  So if you have a physical office you should integrate images of your office on your homepage or on ‘about us’ page to increase credibility of your business.

6. Keep an eye on your SEO performance

Last but never the least important SEO step for you is end to end evaluation of your SEO campaign. You have to track those metrics that are most relevant to your business.  By assessing these key performance indicators or KPIs you can make sure that your website is properly prepared for your Google.

Search engine rankings of keywords

You need to see how all keywords relevant to your business are performing on search engine result pages. This will help you understand how visible your business is online.

Organic search traffic

One for the foremost reasons why you prepare website for Google is to get increased organic traffic. So it is crucial that you measure the organic traffic that your website receives from search results.

Organic page visits

You should also keep a tab on the amount of visit your web pages receive from organic searches. You have to make list of your top-performing pages and mention the traffic of those pages month on month.  If you notice improvement in traffic you can rest assured that your website is well prepared for Google and if traffic decreases you may have to reconsider your SEO strategy.

Time on page

Similar to page visit, the amount of time that your website visitors spend on your web pages is crucial to successful optimisation of your websites for search engines like Google.  By keeping track of average time on web pages you can also understand how engaging your website content is.

Quality and quantity of backlinks

Backlinks are instrumental in fetching high search engine rankings of your website. You need to make sure that your website is getting links from only quality sources. By using various backlink measurement tools, you can keep a track of the number of backlinks your website receives in a particular period of time.

Bounce rate on mobile devices

One of the top priorities of business owners these days is to come up with mobile responsive websites to gain favour from Google. Since majority of the users now access internet through their mobile devices, your website must run smoothly, load quickly on such devices. You should try and reduce bounce rate and increase user engagement to make sure that you are not missing out on potential customers.

Social likes and shares

You should also keep a tab on what kind of responses your social posts are getting. Whenever you make posts on social networking sties you can gauge the effectiveness of your posts by the number of likes, shares and mentions they get. If you find users responding well you can provide them with more of what they like.


Finally, you have to assess what return you are getting for all your investments in SEO campaigns. By measuring your ROI you can also evaluate which SEO strategies are most productive in terms of increasing your lead and sales conversion rate.

These 6 SEO steps can get your website ready for Google. By implementing these 6 pointers you optimise your website well for Google and gain high quality leads. Go ahead and make use of these winning tops to come up with a website that promises highest conversion and maximum ROI.

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