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6 winning SEO Tips for audience in Australia

If you want your website to be the first choice destination of your targeted Australian audience, you have to invest in SEO. SEO is the right way going forward when it comes to increasing organic traffic and sales online regardless of which part of the world you are from. But if you want your website traffic coming in precisely from Australia, here are 6 actionable SEO tips for you. These tips are the most effective for all aspiring businesspeople based out of Australia.
<h2>1. Speak your customers’ language</h2>
SEO is essentially about getting high rankings on search engine result pages and getting more traffic that converts in leads and finally into sales. To gain more traffic your website has to rank on top of Google and also win the trust of consumers in your targeted market. So you need to understand the needs of your potential customers and act accordingly. You need to make your website ready to cater to your clients’ needs. The best way to optimise your website and getting rewarded by search engines like Google is to become a source of authentic information and quality services and products that your target market is looking for.


You can do this easily for free by researching on most frequently used search terms by your target audience. Once you get keyword suggestion you can use them tactfully without violating search engine guidelines in your website copies. This will not only give what your customers want but will also impress Google as your website has become a resourceful one for searchers.

2. Get your website design right

To impress Australian audience it is vital that the design of your website is unique, creative and professional.  The design must communicate the message that your brand wants to get across. Here are some killer pointers to design your website for successful search engine optimisation.
<li>Users must be able to navigate throughout your website effortlessly</li>
<li>Keep the design user-centric and not too bizarre which will put your users off and force them to leave your website sooner</li>
<li>Use attractive logos, images and design your website with nice colours and graphics to capture the imagination of your target audience</li>
<li>Keep the layouts well-structured and move the ‘call to action’ sections where it will get maximum attention</li>
<li>Keep your ‘on sale’ products at the most attention-grabbing sections like the home page, pop-up, side bar and mobile phone’s menu bar.</li>
<li>Use easy-to-read font and select the best size for users and also use contrasting colours for the content and background for better readability.</li>
<li>Incorporate those elements on your website that will increase trust and credibility of your brand or business. For example, you can integrate customer reviews, logos of partners and clients, certifications and media mentions.</li>
<h2>3.  Make your website mobile responsive</h2>
A mobile-friendly website goes a long way when it comes to optimising websites for Australian audience. This is why you have to prepare your website fpr those that have access your website through mobile devices. Here are some sure-fire tips to increase mobile-friendliness of your website.
<li>Keep check-outs shorter and simpler, integrate 1 click check-out for existing customers; you should do this to improve user experience.</li>
<li>Allow check-out completion from another device. You can ask users that leave check-out midway to use shopping cart and complete check-out later from any other device</li>
<li>Incorporate ‘Call’ button on each and every web page of your mobile website.</li>
<li>Provide precise information – just what your users want to know and nothing more!</li>
<li>Ensure your web pages load very quickly on mobile devices to lessen bounce rate and capture maximum traffic.</li>
<h2>4. Create a blog section and make regular posts</h2>
One of the most effective SEO tricks is blogging. Websites that make blog posts on frequent basis are far more likely to get more traffic than those websites that don’t invest in blogging. If you include blogging in your SEO campaign you can reap many rewards. Your website can become an authority in your niche and connect your targeted marketed with your brand or business if you deliver compelling, engaging high quality unique contents in your blog posts that prove to be highly useful for your audience.

<h2>5.Focus on social promotion of your website</h2>
While organic SEO strategies work well to prepare website for Australian audience, you should also look for other ways of optimising your website. You can promote your website by leveraging the ever-increasing popularity of social media. You can make valuable contents of your website shareable on social networking outlets. For that you have to incorporate social media buttons on your web pages. You should focus on that social platform which is most relevant to your domain while sharing blogs and contents.

You should also look to engage with your users by thanking those who share your content and replying to the comments made on your social posts. You can make use of various advanced tools to schedule your social posts this way you can not only save time but also can be more consistent with your social media activities which will help your brand reach out to more people that find your offerings useful and most likely to become your long-term customers.  However, there are scores of social networking sites out there on the internet, but you have to be on only those sites where your target audience is active.
<h2>6. Evaluate your SEO campaign performance</h2>
Now that you have become aware of and have implemented al core SEO tricks to capture your targeted Australian audience, it is time to assess the outcome of your SEO crusade. Here are some of the most important metrics that you have to consider while determining the success of your SEO propaganda.

<h3>Search engine rankings for most relevant keywords</h3>
First you have to shortlist those keywords that are most relevant to your website. Then, you have to keep a track of the ranking of those keywords on search engine result pages on monthly basis. This will help you understand your position in your competitive market.
<h3>Page visits every session</h3>
If the content of your website is useful for your targeted market, users will spend more time and visit more pages on your website.  You should also insert links to your content so that users can get more information from your website. Page visit is a vital metric which you should not ignore while evaluating your SEO performance.
<h3>Check how many users get back to your website</h3>
If users keep coming back to your website you can rest assured that your website is delivering just what your target audience wants. This will help you make your website an authoritative one in your domain. If visitors don’t get back to your website you would have to make your content more relevant and also make sure that you have reached out to the right audience.
<h3>See how fast your web pages load</h3>
The faster your website loads, is better your website is optimised for search engines and users especially those who access internet from mobile devices. Your website must open quickly and flawlessly be it on desktop, laptop or any mobile devices.
<h3>Page and Domain Authority</h3>
Domain Authority and Page Authority are crucial metrics that help predict a website’s rank on search engine results. You can improve the DA and PA score of your website by providing top quality contents. You should keep a track of these scores and compare it with that of your competitors’ websites month on month and see if your website gets better in terms of these scores or not.
<h3>Keep a track of conversion rate</h3>
One of the most important SEO metrics is the conversion rate of your website. If the conversion rate increases, your SEO tactics have proved to be effective. This will make you confident of your SEO strategies and you can continue with that. In case your conversion rate falls, you might have to reconsider some of the SEO tricks or you may have to enhance the quality of your contents.
<h3>Rate of retaining customers</h3>
If your rate of retaining customers is good your website is well optimised for Australian audience. Getting new customers is costlier than retaining existing ones. So, once you establish a solid relation with your customers you should make efforts to retain them for good.

These are the top 6 SEO tips to optimise your website for Australian audience. If you can translate these tips into action you can keep your targeted Australian audience engaged to your website. This in turn, not only improves your Google ranking but also can bring in a steady stream of organic traffic with guaranteed higher conversion.

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