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7 Best and Stimulating Email Subject Lines

Email Subject Lines

Email Marketing is the most familiar concept… but what do you think is the driving force behind the functionality of email marketing? The email subject lines! They play a key role to bring out the success of email marketing. 

Hello everyone! Today we are to talk on the 7 instigating email subject lines which the customers are bound to click and open on receiving the notification. Nevertheless, creating an engaging email subject line is a major challenging task; you have to keep the customer behavior in mind while creating a superb email subject line.

You must know the very first thing noticed by the subscribers in your email list is none other than the Email Subject line.  The email subject line is the chief concern for the email users will open the email you want them to read.

So we have brought forth a list of 7 awesome tips for you to follow for inspiring email subject lines. Read on till you have reached the last word.

The Smart 7 Tips to Create Craving Email Subject Lines:

  1. First of all, keep it really short and sweet. No one is interested to read long lines.  The time span is too short and people are always packed up. So deliver the information to be read within a few seconds… Be quick to get to Call to Action.
  2. Use the “personalization” token or the personalization codes specifically to keep the first name of the subscriber in the subject line. Keeping it in the first line helps you to establish a personal touch coupled with an immediate rapport. This is how you can ensure the customers are feeling special as something unique is being offered to them.
  3. Always take the lead with an action-oriented verb. At the same time ensure you do not use excessive Capital letters, punctuations and emojis.
  4. Write the email subject line ushering a sense of urgency which will cause the customers with a compulsion to open the sent email right now… The email cannot be opened tomorrow or next week.
  5. Use the Numbers and keep them in figures. It is convenient to keep the email short before the subscribers. As a result, they come to know about the functional steps.
  6. Pose a question to the subscribers or just trigger their curiosity to make them go ahead and click open the email.
  7. Provide them with an irresistible offer to click and see more.

Types of Best Email Subject Lines:


I have seen that digital marketers perform various split tests prior to selecting the best suitable subject line for email campaigns. Noticing their approach, I have come to the conclusion that the email subject lines work when they are divided into certain categories. Here, I shall discuss the categories:


Your email marketing campaign will work great when you will tell you shall speak in limited edition. So follow the number format in the subject line to tell your subscribers just a few things about your business. The number list is effective enough to infuse a quick Call to Action in an easy and step by step mode. Here is the effectual list of examples:

  1. 10 chief ways to double your sales
  2. 8 reasons to invest in the online purchase
  3. 5 quick ways can improve your tweets
  4. 12 steps to slimming down within 1 month
  5. 4 hours to complete commercial cleaning
  6. Stylish and Comforting Dresses at just $299
  7. Get 500 + YouTube followers within 2 months
  8. 15 Hacks to produce high yielding content  and Facebook Ads

Second is Curiosity:

Almost the entire society is curious to find out more. The subject line draws the viewers into the body of the email. The statement arousing curiosity raises the question among the viewers to click. Look at the list of examples as mentioned below:

  1. Amazing discounts in shuttle rides
  2. Festive deals on our  fashion pickups
  3. 20 healing  power of  essential oils
  4. Super price drops on your top picks
  5. Save Yourself from these Toxic Elements
  6. Limited Period Offer Only
  7. Here are our new arrivals
  8. Foods creating instant hunger

Third, Punctuations and Symbols:

As the customers will view the emails, they will find defined punctuation marks meant to appear as symbols and emojis. Look at the following examples:

  1. *** *WAIT THERE**** Listen and spread
  3. Did you just hear what President Trump has to say???

Last But Not Least is SCARCITY:

Implicating a sense of scarcity in the email subject lines yields favorable results. The emails can be retargeted as well. Here is the list of examples:

  1. Sign Up for the Course Soon at $300 per month. Only five hours remain.
  2. Only 4 days left for our Special Deals to end. Hurry!
  3. Save 60% Now!
  4. Order  your favorite laptop before the offer ends at Midnight

Here you have the insight into creating the most interesting email subject lines for your email campaigning. Despite the hints, if you are willing to get the email subject lines written by the experts, then contact Intraforce Marketing immediately.

So this is all for today. We shall catch up soon with another didactic topic very soon.

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