5 Brilliant Ways to Use Instagram Stories for Business

I love using Instagram stories to level up my business. Do you not?

I’m sure you are not indifferent to Instagram. Sometimes a few obstructions to the creativity could arise that you got to overcome at the earliest. Get a solution to your issue from the professionals. Experts help from Intraforce Marketing will bring about a wonderful Instagram story to elevate your business.

Attractive texts, photos, videos are the three chief tools used in Instagram stories that bring your business to the limelight. The stories are ideal to intrigue the interest of your followers both on a personal and genuine level.

So friends! I have decided to tell you the FIVE positive ways you surely have to abide by. These five ways are really congratulating when you follow them closely and use Instagram stories for your business.

Five Distinguished Methods to Use the Instagram Stories for Business Gains

We have now come to the most interesting part of today’s discussion. Read on carefully to start yourself today.

Method 1 – Highlight A Typical Day of Your Business

Photographs and videos work best to create unique Instagram stories. The videos are excellent to put up the neat and clean view of your regular activities taking place at your business. Even the photos hold up the daily efforts and achievements you have each day.

Either use your Smartphone or a high-quality digital camera to capture the videos and then get the sizes adjusted.  You can have a look at https://www.intraforcemarketing.com.au/what-should-be-the-optimal-size-for-different-social-media-images/ for the correct image and video sizes for Instagram. 

After it is done, upload the photo and the videos on the Instagram stories screen. Add one word or two as a caption. Also, you can draw text onto the photo or the video to enhance its creativity. You shall gain an interactive experience.

Method 2 – Let Your Blog Articles Show Up as Mini Articles

When I first tried this out, I was carried away by the number of followers the method fetched me.  You can always opt for an innovative way to bring your editorial content into the display.

Your business topics to draw in followers, subscribers, and consumers summing up short articles can be put together to create some splendid Instagram stories. Let us take, for instance, the cuisines, fashion, tourism, and decorations are the prime field of interest and the users are continuously looking out for new ideas. Use your Instagram stories to reach out to the audience and improve your business outlook and inevitable gains.

Create blog content and consider reviewing it before putting up as a business story. At this juncture resort to the slides sharing. Attach a few graphs and photos on the slides corresponding to the blog.

Trust me; you shall have a superb visual display just when you end uploading the slides in sequence to complete creating your Instagram stories. I can help you with some small tips. Keep an engaging image for your cover photo. Do not forget to include a concluding image containing a call to action.

The audience loves the Instagram stories formed with both photos and text inputs.  Applying the method will certainly catch the audiences’ attention. Close the Instagram story with a directive for the followers to get hints on their next immediate action.

Method 3 – Readily Involve A Facebook Live Broadcast

Indeed using the Facebook Live Broadcast is gaining popularity in being used in conjunction with your creative Instagram stories. You shall get many viewers when you post about your Facebook Live Broadcast as an Instagram story and notify the people about it.

Promoting Facebook live videos is a witty tactic for which you have to ensure creating a brief teasing story. The teasing story adds a taste to the lookout of the Facebook live event. Never forget to include the URL so that it is easier for the people to attend them. Well, the URL has to be short so for the users to click on easily. Remember clicking through a URL on the Instagram story.

Method 4 – Display the Actionable Trait of Your Products

Promote your product in Instagram stories. All your viewers can easily watch out the performance capacity of your product. The idea behind promoting the product on the Instagram story is showing the functional attributes to the people.

You are educating the people about using the product and how are your products useful to them. Education encourages them to buy.

Put the methods to use, wisely choose the colors for your physical products. You need to be careful to select the hues perfect with your brand or theme colors. To select the desired shade, hold down on a color for the color palette to appear.

But be cautious to keep clear lighting so that the audience can have a clear view.

Method 5 – Show A Rejoicing Company Milestone:

Your company is sure to organize events like celebrating the highest number of sales, accomplishing a new production technique and the skills and knowledge of certain employees to better the products.  Combine such events with the interviews and create an engaging story to bring it to the limelight in Instagram stories.

Make a grand slide show on the upcoming milestone, and the roads taken to reach to the level. You can easily use the slide show as your company accomplishment to present before the followers through Instagram stories. Stay on brand, humanize it and use the right tones to elicit your brand personality. Instruct your employees to appear professional since the video is being promoted from the end of the company.

We now come to the end of our discussion. But very soon we shall be back with another informative topic for your business.

Steps to Providing Your Facebook Ad Accounts to Your Digital Marketing Agency Partner

Hello everyone! So, we meet again with a fresh new topic. Today we are going to have a discussion on an interesting as well as important topic: “How Can You Give Your Access To Facebook Ad Account to Someone?” Keep reading until you have got the answer.

You know it well that you have to give your Facebook Ad Account to the professionals for them to work on your account. Before it is really late, take immediate steps for your advertising to soar high.

First of all, your main task is to own a Business Manager account that has to be associated with your Facebook Ads account. Do you know the benefits of setting up a Business Account? Fine, let me explain. When you have a Business Manager account, then you can:

a. Manage the advertising, pages, accounts, and application – all from one particular location

b. Effectively manage several accounts working at the same time

c. Provide the  various levels of access privileges to each of your team or agency members based on their exact needs and roles

d. Organize every reporting action in a single location

e. Easily get into partnership

Now you have an important task to fulfill that is, sign up for the Business Manager following the below-mentioned steps:

First: Quickly visit business.facebook.com.

Second: Select the Create Account.

Third: Enter the business name which will be set up for your Business Manager.

Fourth: Enter your full name and then your corporate email address.

Fifth: Select the Primary Page to be used for your Business Manager. You have to do it by typing the Business name into the Search box. Then click on the exact page.

Sixth: At the end, you have to add a Facebook Ads Account to your Business Manager. Type the Ads account name in the Search box, and click on it as it appears in the search results.

So, that is it… You are successful in creating your Business Manager. You have also your Company Page as well as the Ads Account. Now you are totally ready to share the same access with your professional partner.

Shifting to the Pivotal Part of our Discussion:

So, done with creating the Business Manager? Find out what’s next. The next matter concerns the central aspect of our today’s topic. To share the Facebook Ad Account with your partner, you have to:

1. Visit business.facebook.com, and it will lead you to your Business Manager page.

2. Click on the Business Settings as you can see on the top right corner.

3. While scrolling over the menu options, as denoted by the blue “people” icon and the subsequent grey icons beneath it, you shall see the Settings menu to open up. For assigning a partner, click on Ad Accounts.

4. Then select the account where you have to add a partner and provide the access.

5. As you can see Assign Partner in the top right corner, click on it.

6. A new panel opens up where you have to enter the information of your partner. Consult them and get it done.

7. Select the role of Admin specified for your digital marketing agency partner. They have to be the Admin to handle the advertising with added efficiency.

8. After selecting the Role for your partner, share the link with them which you are provided with. It is one method you can choose to provide access to. 

9. The second method by which you can easily provide the access to your partner is by clicking on the words highlighted in blue which goes like “Connect your business account using your partner’s business ID instead”.

10. You shall receive a new popup as you click on the blue link. The popup asks to fill in the ID of your agency partner. Your agency will be provided with your partner’s ID that is basically at the end of your partner’s Business Manager URL.

11. Click on Connect after you have entered the ID number of your partner’s agency.

When you reach at this point, your agency partner and you as well will receive a notification about having access to the account. Now your partner can start to manage your advertising.

I am attaching one video link here, which will help you better with the information I have provided in this section. Click to watch the video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EP7QfOy1QYM

That is all for the day. You have the step by step guide on providing the Facebook Ad Account access to your partner. It is possible to get stuck, and you are always welcome to contact us at Intraforce Marketing. Our experts will show you the right way to solve your issues.

A Compact Discussion on Meta Tags

Today we shall have a cool discussion on the Meta tags.

We all know about SEO and that the Meta tags are the prime elements that leave behind a noteworthy mark on the search engine ranks for the keywords. Optimizing these Meta tags effectively yields generous results.

So…What is a Meta Tag?

Starting with the description! According to the definition, a Meta tag is a short, clear and meaningful descriptive piece of text used for defining the content published on the webpage. The Meta tags do not appear on the page’s contents. These are used as an index behind the visible web page for helping the Google algorithm seek through the pages and respond with the relevant results to the browser.

Thus, the Meta tags are another kind of metadata – data defining the input data on the website. The Meta tags in the form of metadata only exist in the HTML script.

Now coming to the Used of the Meta Tags…

Meta tags act as an assistant to SEO – they are used as a compact method for Google to read, understand and analyze each page uploaded over the internet.

You can well regard the Meta tags as a brief synopsis essential for each of your website’s pages.

With their help, the search engine can easily narrow down the related searched at the earliest.

The search engines can do so by first categorizing the pages, then the on-site contents are crawled.

The different types of Meta tags as used in SEO:

Each kind of Meta tag has its own purpose and is of convenience to your site based on their operative capacity. But in SEO we are concerned about just three vital Meta tags, namely the TITLE TAG, the META DESCRIPTION and the META ROBOT ATTRIBUTE.

Title Tag:

The title of the webpage is the title tag.  While writing the title tag, always write the top keywords since they come within the search result of the search engine. 

The search engines are able to display your site to help the browsers have the correct search queries.

Meta Description:

The meta description describes the entire published content on the webpage in one or two short sentences. The title depends on the Meta description of the page, as the description is the elaboration on the entire message being confirmed by the page.

While you are using the meta tags and meta descriptions, never use this as just an additional keyword list. Write complete sentences ending in respective and right length using the keywords. Always keep yourself updated with the total characters for a complete meta description. While a few scholars opine that an optimal Meta description should be of 156 characters, but recently a school of experts have discovered a few search engines support meta descriptions extending up to 320 characters. 

The browsers can see the Meta descriptions while these are absent from your website. It is because the Meta descriptions appear below each website links which are listed on the search engine results pages.

What happens when you do not add a Meta description to your web page?

If you do not write separate Meta descriptions to add them to your website page, then the search engine searches through your web page contents and targets the first couple of lines fitting to the 156 characters. Then the search engines dynamically pick them up and fit them to be used as the Meta descriptions. Or else, the snippet of text having the most searched keywords appears below the website link in place of the description.

According to Google, the keywords used in a Meta description have no effect on their algorithm. But the evidence is the strong proof for the proper keywords in a Meta description help the search engine to persuade the visitors to the site. Your website is sure to scale high in the search engine result page rank when you receive a huge interaction from the users with your website. As a result, the Meta descriptions indirectly help the SEO by welcoming traffic and alluring them to click to browse your website.

Meta Robot Attribute:

The Meta robot attribute informs the search engines regarding the functional features of the web pages and what should the search engines be doing with your search pages.

For instance, you can instruct the crawlers either to “index” or not to index the page at all – it means that you are instructing on the page to be displayed or not to be shown in the search results.

At the same time, you can also instruct the crawler directly with two options whether it should follow or not follow certain specific links appearing on each page. Instructing is vital when it concerns the backlinks since these backlinks are necessary for “link juice”.

As mentioned earlier, the Meta tags cannot be seen on the website, but they are central components of optimization. They play a significant role in effectively understand the function of the search engines so as to soar the search engine ranks higher. 

Wherever you are stuck or struggling to write productive meta tags, immediately contact the Intraforce Marketing. The professionals will take to task and write business-oriented tags for you.

12 Steps to Link a Facebook Group to a Facebook Page

Are you aware that you can have your Facebook group linked to your Facebook page? Yes, you can really get it done…

Either by creating a new group on Facebook or linking a group, you can pretty have some healthy dose of interaction with the members in your Page group. You can also keep your page as the Admin of these groups.

Want to Find Out How?

Do not shift back. We are here to present you with the suitable steps related to building a benefiting community around your Facebook page.

Step 1: Log in to your Facebook page. Click on Settings.

Step 2: On the left sidebar, you can see Templates and Tabs. Click on it.

Step 3: To look at the tabs, scroll down. You can locate them.

Please Note: By default, Groups are enabled on some pages

Step 4: At the bottom, you can see “Add a Tab”. Click on it.

Step 5: Select “Groups”.

Step 6: You would want your Groups tab to appear. So hold and drag the Groups tab to the specified position up the list where it should be displayed on the left side of the Facebook page.

Step 7: Click on Groups and then on Settings. Then URL will show the locations where the Groups come into view for the Facebook page.

Step 8: Now you have to go back. Go back to the Home Page Screen. Watch out how the Group tabs now appear on the left side of the navigation sidebar.

Step 9: Click on the Groups tab.

Step 10: Now you have to choose, create and link. First, choose your group, create your Facebook group and at last link your group.

Step 11: Now you have your Group linked to your Facebook page.

Step 12: When you write something in the Group then you can also post it as your Facebook page. There is no need to post as your own personal Profile name.

Read and reread the complete twelve steps to get clear notes on the steps to link a Facebook Group to a Facebook Page. Try doing it. You can also have the experts’ guidance to assist you with your endeavors. At any time, you can always contact and have the professional guidance of Intraforce Marketing.

What are the differences between Paid Search and Organic Search?

Both unpaid organic search and paid searches are integral parts of a marketing strategy to make the strategy more defined. That is to say, when the search results are returned by the search result, they are either organic searches or paid searches.

In this blog, we are now going to discuss the differences between the paid searches and organic searches under the following six heads:

  1. The Meaning of Organic Searches
  2. The Meaning of Paid Searches
  3. How are the Organic Searches Utilized by the Website?
  4. How is the Paid Search Utilized by the Website?
  5. Does Paid Search Increase a Website’s Organic Rank?
  6. How to Rank a Website Organically?

So let us go ahead…

1. First is, the Meaning of Organic Search:

Organic Search refers to all the non paid search results displayed by the search engines. Owing to its merits and credits of their contents, the organic search results are displayed. The organic searches chiefly rest on the popularity of the website and the way in which the contents are related to the search keywords.

2. Next… Meaning of Paid Search:

Paid search is the ads. The ads are displayed at the side of the organic search results. Rather, the paid search is the chief way for search engines to make some money. When the browsers are searching for a specific product or a service, then they can find the ads are always appearing at the top of the search results or they are placed in either the left or right sidebar.

3. In what way does a Website Utilize Organic Search?

After a website is created and made live, it is submitted to Google. Google reads and analyzes the contents to check its abidance of Google’s terms and conditions. After that, it crawls and captures the bots. Finally, the website is indexed – this is how a website can take complete advantage of organic search. For the web pages, the organic searches are useful as the web [ages are developed on specific keyword/s which are being targeted by the website.

Organic search is dependable over time, as the website increases it’s SEO through on-site and off-site SEO and ultimately gets a higher rank.

4. In what way does a Website Utilize the Paid Search?

Despite its size, the website is able to fully utilize the paid search. It is made possible by setting up the essential Google Adwords Account. Furthermore, the business owners pay for a specific list of keywords to be ranked.  The charge of the keywords range from a specific cost per click and it ranges are varied. The keyword’s competitive trait determines the charges. You have to set a monthly Adwords budget. Google ensures your budget will be spent just up to the maximum set up value.

5. Does the Paid Search Increase the Organic Rank of the Website?

The organic ranking of a website is not affected by the paid search. For instance, if a website is ranked on page 14 of the search engine results page, it still can have a good number of viewers owing to the paid searches.  A generous Adwords budget helps the website with greater traffic from the same traffic when assigned with paid ads. But as soon as the Adwords campaign is canceled then the traffic instantly vanishes, thus having no effect on the site’s organic rank.

6. How to Rank a Website Organically?

Meaningful, readable, easy to understand contents are the best for the websites to rank higher organically. The reason is clear as the Google searchers will want to read the easy to analyze contents for that specific keyword. No cost per month is involved in the website to rank higher organically. Time and effort are highly required to achieve search engine ranking.

The best step that you should adopt to follow the paid search and organic search techniques is consulting the professionals. Contact Intraforce Marketing to set up your keywords and also to allocate paid and organic searches.

You can also refer to the video of the link I have attached to be clear with the difference between paid search and organic search:


7 Best and Stimulating Email Subject Lines

Email Marketing is the most familiar concept… but what do you think is the driving force behind the functionality of email marketing? The email subject lines! They play a key role to bring out the success of email marketing. 

Hello everyone! Today we are to talk on the 7 instigating email subject lines which the customers are bound to click and open on receiving the notification. Nevertheless, creating an engaging email subject line is a major challenging task; you have to keep the customer behavior in mind while creating a superb email subject line.

You must know the very first thing noticed by the subscribers in your email list is none other than the Email Subject line.  The email subject line is the chief concern for the email users will open the email you want them to read.

So we have brought forth a list of 7 awesome tips for you to follow for inspiring email subject lines. Read on till you have reached the last word.

The Smart 7 Tips to Create Craving Email Subject Lines:

  1. First of all, keep it really short and sweet. No one is interested to read long lines.  The time span is too short and people are always packed up. So deliver the information to be read within a few seconds… Be quick to get to Call to Action.
  2. Use the “personalization” token or the personalization codes specifically to keep the first name of the subscriber in the subject line. Keeping it in the first line helps you to establish a personal touch coupled with an immediate rapport. This is how you can ensure the customers are feeling special as something unique is being offered to them.
  3. Always take the lead with an action-oriented verb. At the same time ensure you do not use excessive Capital letters, punctuations and emojis.
  4. Write the email subject line ushering a sense of urgency which will cause the customers with a compulsion to open the sent email right now… The email cannot be opened tomorrow or next week.
  5. Use the Numbers and keep them in figures. It is convenient to keep the email short before the subscribers. As a result, they come to know about the functional steps.
  6. Pose a question to the subscribers or just trigger their curiosity to make them go ahead and click open the email.
  7. Provide them with an irresistible offer to click and see more.

Types of Best Email Subject Lines:


I have seen that digital marketers perform various split tests prior to selecting the best suitable subject line for email campaigns. Noticing their approach, I have come to the conclusion that the email subject lines work when they are divided into certain categories. Here, I shall discuss the categories:


Your email marketing campaign will work great when you will tell you shall speak in limited edition. So follow the number format in the subject line to tell your subscribers just a few things about your business. The number list is effective enough to infuse a quick Call to Action in an easy and step by step mode. Here is the effectual list of examples:

  1. 10 chief ways to double your sales
  2. 8 reasons to invest in the online purchase
  3. 5 quick ways can improve your tweets
  4. 12 steps to slimming down within 1 month
  5. 4 hours to complete commercial cleaning
  6. Stylish and Comforting Dresses at just $299
  7. Get 500 + YouTube followers within 2 months
  8. 15 Hacks to produce high yielding content  and Facebook Ads

Second is Curiosity:

Almost the entire society is curious to find out more. The subject line draws the viewers into the body of the email. The statement arousing curiosity raises the question among the viewers to click. Look at the list of examples as mentioned below:

  1. Amazing discounts in shuttle rides
  2. Festive deals on our  fashion pickups
  3. 20 healing  power of  essential oils
  4. Super price drops on your top picks
  5. Save Yourself from these Toxic Elements
  6. Limited Period Offer Only
  7. Here are our new arrivals
  8. Foods creating instant hunger

Third, Punctuations and Symbols:

As the customers will view the emails, they will find defined punctuation marks meant to appear as symbols and emojis. Look at the following examples:

  1. *** *WAIT THERE**** Listen and spread
  3. Did you just hear what President Trump has to say???

Last But Not Least is SCARCITY:

Implicating a sense of scarcity in the email subject lines yields favorable results. The emails can be retargeted as well. Here is the list of examples:

  1. Sign Up for the Course Soon at $300 per month. Only five hours remain.
  2. Only 4 days left for our Special Deals to end. Hurry!
  3. Save 60% Now!
  4. Order  your favorite laptop before the offer ends at Midnight

Here you have the insight into creating the most interesting email subject lines for your email campaigning. Despite the hints, if you are willing to get the email subject lines written by the experts, then contact Intraforce Marketing immediately.

So this is all for today. We shall catch up soon with another didactic topic very soon.

15 Vital Steps to carry out PERFECT On-Site SEO

Today we have brought up a much trendy and useful topic for discussion. We shall talk on the FIFTEEN ESSENTIAL STEPS PUT TO USE TO GO AHEAD WITH PERFECT ON-SITE SEO.

So, let’s start… Before I go into depth, let me mention the importance of today’s topic. I am discussing the topic of working to perfect On-site SEO because many SEO executives tend to overcomplicate the search engine optimization techniques.

Optimizing the On-Site SEO is the first step to take up to ensure the SEO is in check. Although SEO is a vast stream yet we shall focus on the 15 BEST and FUNCTIONING steps to take up with the pages of the websites and posting the contents.

Here you go with the Sharp Fifteen Steps Create Remarkable On-Site SEO.

  • FIRST OF ALL, make sure every web page or a post is above 500 words.  You have to use the relevant keywords in the right places and be careful to overuse them in the content. Remember keyword stuffing is dangerous to the content and subsequently to its rank.
  • SECOND, concentrate on your focus keyword – the keyword you are targeting for each page. The focus keywords must clearly and meaningfully appear in the first heading denoted as H1. The keywords should also be present in the H2. In simple words, H1, H2, H3, and H4 tags should be used to mention the primary and secondary keywords.
  • THIRD, never deviate from keeping the focus keyword in the first paragraph.
  • FOURTH Keep on checking the entire contents to ensure you have maintained the keyword density. The result should be within 1% to 3% after you have calculated in this format: Total keywords used / Total Number of Words x 100.
  • FIFTH, make sure you have included the significant images on every page and posts. Do not forget to use Alt Tag for every image you have used. Insert the videos wherever there is a requirement.
  • SIXTH, attach different pages of the website appropriately with internal links. Each website page must be connected in a proper link circle.
  • SEVENTH, separate the contents in smaller paragraphs, with each paragraph having two to three lines. Keep in mind that one paragraph consists of 8o to 90 words, and not more.
  • EIGHTH, a call to action is a must. You have to insert a call to action, whether mentioning the dial-up number, email id or inquiry form at least once.
  • NINTH, Deal carefully with the meta descriptions. You have to keep your target keywords while writing the meta title and meta descriptions.
  • TENTH, specify the Robots.txt file to keep the search engines informed on which are the pages to be accessed and aptly indexed on your website. The Robots.txt file also informs the search engines on which pages should not be accessed and indexed.
  • ELEVENTH, use the Structured Data or Schema Markup to boost your website appearance in the search engine result pages. You should use Schema Markup since it keeps the search engines informed on what the data means, not just what the data says.
  • TWELFTH, build up site maps in the form of a hierarchal list of pages with links that are organized by topic, an XML document, and an organization chart. These provide information to the search engine crawl bots. Remember the site maps are vital for the search engines to crawl and also index the websites. It helps the content to rank within the search results.
  • THIRTEENTH, use Website Speed Optimization to improve your Google rankings and lead the competition.
  • FOURTEENTH, always use Broken Link Checker to find out the broken links and fix them. You have to save your users from a bad user experience. Even save from SEO efforts from being devalued.
  • FIFTEENTH, protect your website with the HTTPS setup. It protects your personal information as well as provides critical security and data integrity. HTTPS is even essential for browser features, especially for the requirements of progressive apps.

These are the crucial fifteen points necessary for keeping your SEO efforts perfect. With this, we come to the end of today’s discussion. While reading the information, if you think, you need an elaborate explanation to some point, do not hesitate to contact us at Intraforce Marketing.

Four Rewarding Steps to Search for the Perfect Social Media Platform for Your Business

Deciding to make an investment in social media to benefit your business is the best decision ever.

You already know that social media is a superb platform for the small to medium scale businesses owners to enter and stay in core competition. Just at pocket-friendly rates, you can easily communicate with the audience and turn them to your potential customers. Working properly on social media marketing, you can have handsome Returns on Investment (ROI). This is how you can exponentially increase your customer base.

It is important to keep in mind that choosing the correct platform helps you win half the battle is won. So always start with small and a sign up to a single social platform.

The social platforms definitely help in promoting your brand. To remain at the top of the cold hard competition, you have to choose the right social media channel.  So I have brought up four special steps to find the right social media platforms for your help regarding your business goals.

Keep reading until you have found out the right platform.

Before I take you ahead, let me tell you three vital factors –

B2B indicates Business to Business

B2C indicates Business to Customer

Demographics mean Data Statistics Related to Your Audience and the Definite Groups within

Steps to find for the Perfect Platform for your business:

First Step:

Identifying the audience is the first step

First of all, identify your customer or audience base – whether they are the businesses or are they, customers. This should be done at the beginning of the digital campaign. Then check on with the primary demographic. Consider their earnings and their various interests, tastes and preferences.

Once you have surveyed on customer behavior, preserve it. The survey is essential to carry on with long term marketing strategies. Identifying the audience constitutes the benefits for you to define your time-bound social media goals.

Second Step:

Defining Your Each Step Goal

Question yourself and try to find out the answers to what you like would to derive from social media. Time is the major factor in your journey to grow into a big scale business firm. Hence, start with practical and attainable goals. Your budding list of goals could include:

  1. Growing and  developing your brand recognition
  2. Developing a better humanist relationship with your existing potential customers
  3. Getting more referrals from the existing customers

Write down the list to involve social media to promote your brand differently and contemporarily.

Third Step:

Up scaling the available options and building up your active audience at online

In the beginning, simple options yield a good result. Use the five topmost social media platforms and the tools to weigh up your individual options. Approach the social platforms keeping a long term business strategy in mind


For the B2C concern, Facebook is an ideal platform. Using Facebook is a safe start owing to its equal distribution of its key demographics. If you are the business owner of entertainment, fashion, eCommerce, retail or real estate then you can safely use Facebook as a medium to provide potential reach to your business.


The B2B concerns mainly focus on LinkedIn. It is primarily a social media platform to the professionals or “Facebook for Professionals”. Basically, the LinkedIn demographics comprise of older users having a comparatively higher income than the profiles in other platforms. Safely depend upon LinkedIn when your business deals with recruitment agencies, consultants, education, coaches, marketing, education, finance, science, legal and technology.


 Instagram is targeted by the B2C business concerns as it is going through a huge surge in the number of users. The chief demographics pertaining to Instagram is the youngsters and adults aged 18 to 35. If your business deals with fashion brands, art and designs, tours and travels, beauty, health and wellness and photography, then stick to Instagram. In these types of businesses, you can create attractive photos and attach them with fascinating content and upload them to your Instagram account. Follow the strategy to promote your brand personality.


YouTube has emerged as the highly searched platform to search on the Educational contents. So, the recommendation for you is to create tutorial videos for your viewers to earn more favors from the audiences. The demographics are evenly spread on YouTube, so you can actually come under the notice of endless viewers.


You can use Twitter up to any length for B2B and B2C brands. When your approach is to provide answers to the customers’ questions fast, then you should go ahead with Twitter. In this process, you can have flawless communication with your audience. At the same time, you can also showcase your brand personality. Twitter is used by almost everyone, thus there is a high possibility to gain followers.  Retail, news, travel, eCommerce and hospitality industries benefit from Twitter. 

Fourth Step:

Researching on and Identifying a Strategy

On reaching the different platforms, you have to look at the way the audiences are handling it. Plan your content strategy accordingly so as to keep a check on the clients’ requirements.  Be specific about placing your brand properly so that the customers can easily find out about you.           

Either you can do yourself or appoint professionals to work for you. Take help from Intraforce Marketing and start being identified by your audience.

A Complete and Compact Guide to Structured Data for SEO

Hello, my friends!! We are back with another captivating topic. Today, we are going to talk on Structured Data for SEO.

What is Structured Data?

Okay, let me first give you a clear introduction before delving deep. In simple words, Structured Data is data or code presented in a defined and specific format in a technical way for the search engines to read, understand and identify.

The purpose of the Search Engines in reading the codes is for using them to the desired search results in a clear and refined way. It is really easy for you to insert the code on your business website.

Do you know why the Search Engines Use the Structured Data?

I have just told you the purpose of the Search Engines to read the codes, so can you now make a guess. Yes, to make the display results appear better and appreciative before the browsers; the search engines are dependent on the structured data. Rich content is the pure outcome of greater feed with appropriate contents.

Working on structured data codes is vital for the search engines’ sake. The properly done codes help the search engines to search and put up the information verily linking the results to the customer’s searches.

The sheer reason to use the Structured Data is to rank the search results higher and instill a professional look to the results which should be pleasing to the viewers or customers.

Google and its neighbors including Yahoo, Bing, and Yandex are striving regularly in an attempt to please the users with the highly relevant content suitable for their questions.

With the searching moving towards the voice and mobile search, similarly, structured data is gaining more importance than yesterday.

Now I shall come to the core of our discussion. By now you are clear about the implications of Structured Data. Perhaps you are unaware of it; let me tell you that the Structured Data is also termed as Schema Markup. It allows the search engines to look up your business website and clearly understand the type of data and contents being reviewed at a particular time.

Various Structured Data Tools are aptly used perfectly on your website page. Do you know why? Because the tools help the search engines to have a better understanding regarding your business!

1.Google’s Structured Data Markup Helper:

Using Structured Data Markup Helper is said to be the most flexible structured data to the website. Can you tell me why? Because Google owns the tool! Anyone having a website will be able to access the tool. Using the tool, you can mark up the important elements on your website. Google and search engines can read and clearly decipher the information. Look at the following links to know more about the tool’s contribution to the search engines to understand the website’s content:


You shall get the structured data sets or the schemas from Schema.org. These schemas are significant to enable the website professionals to insert structured data on their web pages. As a result, the search engines read and understand the contents of the website.

When you look up at Schema.org, you shall see the search engines are supporting the entire structured data markup. Interestingly, Schema.org is a huge collection of codes. Using Schema.org, you can easily find your needed markup for your required page. Check the links for yourself:


We come to the most highlighted source for solutions to SEO. I prefer to use the free SEO tools from Moz to build up links and analyze them, go ahead with keyword research, check webpage performance and find out the local listing audits.

There are more on the list which you can find at https://moz.com/free-seo-tools. The list of helpful tools includes the Keyword Explorer, Link Explorer, Moz Bar, Free Location Audit, and My Online Presence.

I have selected a few free guides for you to help you better. Here you go:

Two more beneficial guides include:
a. The Beginner’s Guide to Structured Data for SEO Part 1: https://moz.com/blog/structured-data-for-seo-1

b. The Beginner’s Guide to Structured Data for SEO Part 2: 

https://moz.com/blog/structured-data-for-seo-2 The overall discussion has been simple and practical so far. I urge you to go through the topic as many times you want to get the matters cleared. But whenever you need assistance, Intraforce Marketing is always there to guide you.

10 Important Word Press Plugins for SEO

Are you already having a WordPress website? So are you searching for the most helpful WordPress plugins for SEO? We have brought up a list of useful WordPress plugins to be installed so that it is easy to optimize the SEO for your website.

Read the names and details carefully to understand them perfectly.

1. WordPress SEO by Yoast:

The WordPress users are absolutely at an advantageous position as they have the number one software for search engine optimization. The software is Yoast. Yoast SEO is a friend to millions of websites all over the world, helping them to achieve a higher rank in the most used search engines. Since 2008, Yoast SEO is helping websites and the executives with their search engine optimization. You can read more at https://en-au.wordpress.org/plugins/wordpress-seo/.

2. All In One SEO Pack:

All In One SEO Pack has gained a great deal popularity as a WordPress Plugin as it offers a complete set of tools directed towards improving the website. Using the tool, you can add SEO meta tags and title, XML sitemaps, open graph meta tags, image site maps and some more features.

It functions out of box with the WooCommerce in order to optimize online store to ease out SEO. The tool is built with an easy setup for the users to control access to various settings by making use of a feature manager.Look here at the attached link at https://en-au.wordpress.org/plugins/all-in-one-seo-pack/  to gain a better insight on All In One SEO Pack.

3. Akismet:

Do you know the best spam fighting service? It is Akismet. Millions of websites use the Akismet as it successfully operates to filter out uncountable spam comments from the Web on a daily basis. Once you have added Akismet to your website, then you have nothing to worry about the spam. You can ask me what the functionality of Akismet is.

Well, Akismet works to catch the blog comments and the pingback by using their specified algorithms. This algorithm catches its errors as well as from the various participating websites’ actions. For instance, a similar looking content is identified as spam by numerous websites, then in the future, Akismet will even start identifying the same content as SPAM. For more information, read https://en-au.wordpress.org/plugins/akismet/.

4. SEMRush:

The overall best SEO tool in the market is SEMRush. The professional SEO marketers, experts, bloggers pertaining to all size businesses take the complete advantage of the software. It is of a great help to them as the tool provides them with a complete set of tools worthy for growing the traffic.

One of the remarkable features of SEM Rush is the SEO professionals can safely use the tool to search for and easily rank the organic keywords and search terms. SEM Rush is useful in the field of competitive research and helps you to know the keywords which have been ranked by the competitors.

Once you get to know the keywords, you can then frame the procedures to enter into competition and topple their rank.

SEMRush is also one of the perfect SEO Writing Assistant Tool that has the ability to improve website contents and deem it perfect so as to take over the top ten results pertaining to the focused keyword. The tool integrates with WordPress, and is helpful in writing better SEO friendly contents.

I have a link for you where you can get additional information on SEMRush: https://wordpress.org/plugins/semrush-seo-writing-assistant/.

5. Rank Math:

Rank Math allows the users to optimize their website for social media and search engines. It is a user friendly SEO plugin growing at a faster rate. Rank Math is available to the SEO professionals in a complete setup wizard. This setup wizard allows the users with importing data from different SEO plugins at the time of setup.

Rank Math enables the SEO experts to add meta descriptions, meta titles and Open Graph metadata easily to your created blog posts. It is of high utility to controlling the access to plugin features on the basis of user roles, get connected to Google Search Console and having an XML sitemap generated.

Read at https://wordpress.org/plugins/seo-by-rank-math/  and you shall get a clear picture on Rank Math.

6. Back Up Word Press:

Your entire site is backed up by the application of the Back Up Word Press which includes the total database and the files kept on a schedule. This backup plugin is easy to use since there is no requirement of the set up configurations from the end of the users.

Once it is activated, the plugin software directly backs up the data from the files and it does it immediately. The backup files get stored in /wp-content/backups location of the website by default. But you are free to change the storage path if you are willing to.

It is at the site root that the files including the non–Word Press files are backed up, so your chief task is to change the path that is secure process.

The plugin works on Windows and Linux servers in a similar way. At the same time, it is gives you the opportunity to reject the files not to be backed up.

Read up more at https://en-au.wordpress.org/plugins/backupwordpress/.

7. W3 Total Cache:

To improve the SEO as well as user experience, W3 Total Cache is indispensable. This is a tool which increases the website performance and reduces the download times. Moreover, do you know that W3 Total Cache is the fastest WordPress plugin? Yes it is. Even it is the most complete WordPress plugin known for its performance optimization.

A number of trendy blogs like pearsonified.com, webdesignnerdepot.com, mashable.com, freelanceswitch.com, noupe.com, yoast.com, briansolis.com, tutsplus.com, css3.info and more trust the software tool.

The blog platforms trust the W3 Total Cache as it is a wonderful tool to improve the user experience of the blog.

It is made possible by enhances the user experience improvement by bringing about an improvement of your server performance; it can catch all the aspect of the site and lessen the download time of the theme. It even provides transparent content delivery network integration.

To get more information, click on https://wordpress.org/plugins/w3-total-cache/.

8. Google Analytics Dashboard for Word Press:

You can easily track your website with the help of the Google Analytics for WordPress plugin. The tool uses the latest Google Analytics tracking code through which you can view the key Google Analytics statistics in the installed WordPress.

Google Analytics adds the latest version of its own that is the Universal Analytics javascript to each and every page, products in e–Commerce and posts. There is also an option to keep the tracking temporarily disabled. Gain more knowledge on it from https://en-au.wordpress.org/plugins/google-analytics-dashboard-for-wp/.

9. All 404 Redirect to Homepage:

All the 404 error links can be fixed by using the All 404 Redirect to Homepage smart plugin. It redirects the links to the homepage.

The commonest error encountered at the time of browsing is the 404 error. Rather, the commonality of the 404 error has made the website to make use of custom designed 404 pages. The custom designed pages can show the error whenever the visitors the 404 error. 

What is 404? Okay, I shall give you the answer. 404 is said to be the frequent HTTP status code which shows you a vital factor. It shows when a URL or a webpage which you have tried to visit, these cannot be found either on its server or on the website.

For instance, when a website is linked to a blog post with a wrong spelling in the URL, then each and every visitor clicking on the link will get the response of the website’s 404–page apart from the real blog post.

As stated by Google, the 404 errors does not leave behind any kind of negative impact on the search rankings. Nevertheless, the errors can still be fixed so that you do not lose the website traffic.

Get the information from https://wordpress.org/plugins/all-404-redirect-to-homepage/.

10. WP–Optimize:

WP–Optimize is the most–installed optimization plugin, and one of the simplest plugins. It has more functionalities to perform the essential tasks as in:

  • Removing the auto saved draft posts
  • Checking the database size
  • Deleting the post revisions
  • Optimizing the database tables.

Additional information is provided in the link https://en-au.wordpress.org/plugins/wp-optimize/ which you are free to browse and know more. This is all for the day. So let us meet again some other day with some more interesting topic.