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Four Rewarding Steps to Search for the Perfect Social Media Platform for Your Business

Perfect Social Media Platform

Deciding to make an investment in social media to benefit your business is the best decision ever.

You already know that social media is a superb platform for the small to medium scale businesses owners to enter and stay in core competition. Just at pocket-friendly rates, you can easily communicate with the audience and turn them to your potential customers. Working properly on social media marketing, you can have handsome Returns on Investment (ROI). This is how you can exponentially increase your customer base.

It is important to keep in mind that choosing the correct platform helps you win half the battle is won. So always start with small and a sign up to a single social platform.

The social platforms definitely help in promoting your brand. To remain at the top of the cold hard competition, you have to choose the right social media channel.  So I have brought up four special steps to find the right social media platforms for your help regarding your business goals.

Keep reading until you have found out the right platform.

Before I take you ahead, let me tell you three vital factors –

B2B indicates Business to Business

B2C indicates Business to Customer

Demographics mean Data Statistics Related to Your Audience and the Definite Groups within

Steps to find for the Perfect Platform for your business:

First Step:

Identifying the audience is the first step

First of all, identify your customer or audience base – whether they are the businesses or are they, customers. This should be done at the beginning of the digital campaign. Then check on with the primary demographic. Consider their earnings and their various interests, tastes and preferences.

Once you have surveyed on customer behavior, preserve it. The survey is essential to carry on with long term marketing strategies. Identifying the audience constitutes the benefits for you to define your time-bound social media goals.

Second Step:

Defining Your Each Step Goal

Question yourself and try to find out the answers to what you like would to derive from social media. Time is the major factor in your journey to grow into a big scale business firm. Hence, start with practical and attainable goals. Your budding list of goals could include:

  1. Growing and  developing your brand recognition
  2. Developing a better humanist relationship with your existing potential customers
  3. Getting more referrals from the existing customers

Write down the list to involve social media to promote your brand differently and contemporarily.

Third Step:

Up scaling the available options and building up your active audience at online

In the beginning, simple options yield a good result. Use the five topmost social media platforms and the tools to weigh up your individual options. Approach the social platforms keeping a long term business strategy in mind


For the B2C concern, Facebook is an ideal platform. Using Facebook is a safe start owing to its equal distribution of its key demographics. If you are the business owner of entertainment, fashion, eCommerce, retail or real estate then you can safely use Facebook as a medium to provide potential reach to your business.


The B2B concerns mainly focus on LinkedIn. It is primarily a social media platform to the professionals or “Facebook for Professionals”. Basically, the LinkedIn demographics comprise of older users having a comparatively higher income than the profiles in other platforms. Safely depend upon LinkedIn when your business deals with recruitment agencies, consultants, education, coaches, marketing, education, finance, science, legal and technology.


 Instagram is targeted by the B2C business concerns as it is going through a huge surge in the number of users. The chief demographics pertaining to Instagram is the youngsters and adults aged 18 to 35. If your business deals with fashion brands, art and designs, tours and travels, beauty, health and wellness and photography, then stick to Instagram. In these types of businesses, you can create attractive photos and attach them with fascinating content and upload them to your Instagram account. Follow the strategy to promote your brand personality.


YouTube has emerged as the highly searched platform to search on the Educational contents. So, the recommendation for you is to create tutorial videos for your viewers to earn more favors from the audiences. The demographics are evenly spread on YouTube, so you can actually come under the notice of endless viewers.


You can use Twitter up to any length for B2B and B2C brands. When your approach is to provide answers to the customers’ questions fast, then you should go ahead with Twitter. In this process, you can have flawless communication with your audience. At the same time, you can also showcase your brand personality. Twitter is used by almost everyone, thus there is a high possibility to gain followers.  Retail, news, travel, eCommerce and hospitality industries benefit from Twitter. 

Fourth Step:

Researching on and Identifying a Strategy

On reaching the different platforms, you have to look at the way the audiences are handling it. Plan your content strategy accordingly so as to keep a check on the clients’ requirements.  Be specific about placing your brand properly so that the customers can easily find out about you.           

Either you can do yourself or appoint professionals to work for you. Take help from Intraforce Marketing and start being identified by your audience.

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