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How to Develop & Manage Your SEO Budget in 2018?

Determining SEO campaign budget can be tricky. Usually, as you increase the budget the better is the outcome. With better investment, your website will also rise faster in organic search results. However, the tricky part is the effectiveness of a SEO campaign does vary from one business to another. What’s works for your neighbour’s business might not yield the same result for your business as well. Hence, your neighbour’s SEO budget doesn’t necessarily be yours too. But, the type of SEO services you need and the kind of result you seek depend largely on your SEO budget. So, SEO budget is something that you have to develop and manage very carefully.  Up front, here are 5 insider tips to help you set up your SEO budget in 2018.

Understand your limits

Let’s face this. You can determine the budget for your SEO campaign only when you know your limits. For example, if you are the owner of a small business or an entrepreneur with limited amount of cash, your allocation to SEO campaign would be limited as well. Alternatively, you can reduce your budget for other marketing efforts to increase your SEO budget. But, if your cash flow is truly appalling, there surely be a hard stop top the amount of money you can invest in your SEO endeavours.

On the flip side, if you have extra money to fund your SEO crusade, it will be even more confusing to decide how much money you should exactly plough into your SEO marketing program. So, knowing the limit is the stepping stone of setting the right budget for SEO campaigns in 2018.

Determine your goals

The second step of gauging the right SEO budget is to determine what you actually want to accomplish through your SEO marketing efforts. Is it the traffic or the sale or more local visitors on your website or do you just simply want to wipe some specific competitors out of the competition? Once you determine what you are aiming at it will help you not only understand exactly how much money you have to plunge into but also in what type of SEO services you have to provide capital. For an example, if you want local traffic in your website you have to invest in local SEO and if you are eyeing at more revenue, you have to put money in SEO keyword ranking services to get high ranks for keywords relevant to your business.

Weigh up your options for SEO service resources

Now that you know how much money you can lay out on your SEO activities and the particular reason for your investment, you can start mulling over the resource options for your SEO propaganda. Generally, there are three options for you to choose from;

1. Hire an in-house SEO specialist

You can better control your SEO campaign by hiring someone in-house, but it will narrow down your options when you will optimise your approach in the long run.

2. Get the work done by freelancers

This will cost you least among all options but a freelancer cannot guarantee you the result you seek out of your SEO efforts.

3. Hire an SEO agency

This will cost you most among all options but the probability of getting the desired results will be much higher.


Check visibility of your website

Your SEO budget will also depend on the number of elements that influence visibility of your business. The lesser elements you have the more you will have to shell out in your SEO marketing program.  If you are yet to optimise title, description of the pages of your website for mobile devices and if you don’t have existing content marketing strategies, you will have to pay lot more than if you already have a strong SEO strategy to increase online visibility of your website. To cut your SEO budgets short you can hire interns or can utilise spare time of your current employees in SEO activities as well.

Zeroing on SEO budget

Finally, when you know how much you can spend, where exactly you have to spend and why do you want to fund your SEO campaign, you can determine your SEO budget more efficiently. To be on the safer side, you should start with a mid-range allocation to fund your SEO campaigns.

You SEO budget in 2018 will also depend on the below-mentioned aspects of your business

  • Duration of online presence of your company
  • The severity of the competition for your niche keywords
  • The SEO budget of your competitors

To establish the right SEO budget in 2018 you should also keep account of your SEO performance in 2017. By doing retrospection of your previous year’s performance you can set up your SEO budget in 2018. If you were happy with the outcome of your SEO campaigns last year and want even more this year you can increase the budget. If you think your investment didn’t garner desired result you can curtail the budget and focus on most crucial and essential aspects of your SEO propaganda.


Now that you have gathered some idea on how to develop an SEO budget 2018, you should also decide on which aspects of SEO campaign you should utilise your SEO budget in 2018.

Content marketing

Content still remains one of the chief aspects of any SEO campaign and require a lion’s share of your funding. Here are the most important facets of content marketing where you should allocate your money.

Originality and quality of the content

Simply put, you need to provide a good amount of capital for generating high quality engaging content for best SEO result of your website. It makes better sense to spend more money on less number of contents so as to put more stress on quality rather than quantity. You should be ready to shell out more money to create contents of superior quality as it will brighten your chances for getting best return of your investment in SEO campaigns.

Content promotion

Promoting contents through social networking sites, press release sites and advertising is as important as generating top quality compelling content. By sharing good content you can earn good backlinks which requires investment. By spending money on content promotion you can enhance the brand value of your business. So, content creation and promotions should take a good chunk of your SEO budget in 2018.

Video content

With increasing popularity of video content, now it is all the more important to invest a fair share of your SEO budget to promote and share video contents of your website to reach out to your targeted audience.

Mobile friendliness of content

With the mobile internet boom now more users access internet from their mobile devices rather than desktops and laptops. So, you have to lay out money on making your content mobile responsive.

Backlink building

Earning quality backlinks organically is still an integral part of any SEO campaign. A good proportion of your SEO budget must be allocated to manual backlink creating campaign to get high-value links to make your website an authoritative one in your niche.

Make the most of your SEO budget in 2018

Now that you know how to develop and manage your SEO budget in 2018, you need to spend your money well to make your SEO crusade worthwhile.  In case you want to adjust your budget later on you can easily make changes to your SEO propaganda. While spending your well-planned SEO budget you have to make sure that your chosen in-house SEO consultant or hired SEO company carry out your SEO campaign efficiently so that you can stay ahead of your biggest competitors.

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