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How to Install Google Analytics to Shopify

Google Analytics to Shopify

First, let us get acquainted with the Google Analytics Tracking ID. How should you copy the Google Analytics Tracking ID? Have a look at the steps to understand it:

Google Analytics Login Page – Admin – Property – Tracking Information – Tracking Code – Tracking ID or Global Site (gtag.js)

Now you have copied the Google Analytics Tracking ID; then it has to be added to the Shopify account. Want to know how? Follow the steps:

Navigate to Shopify Admin Login and then to the Online Store. Here is the chain to follow:

Shopify Admin Login – Online Store – Preference

Now let us start from Preference.

Preference – Google Analytics – Copy and Paste the Google Analytics Tracking ID on the Google Analytics field

You can help yourself better with added information. I am attaching a link for your beneficial guidance:


This is all about adding Google Analytics to the Shopify Account. Maybe after going through the details, you might not carry out quickly alone. There is nothing to worry about. Contact us at Intraforce Marketing. We shall get back to you at the earliest.

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