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Steps to Providing Your Facebook Ad Accounts to Your Digital Marketing Agency Partner

Hello everyone! So, we meet again with a fresh new topic. Today we are going to have a discussion on an interesting as well as important topic: “How Can You Give Your Access To Facebook Ad Account to Someone?” Keep reading until you have got the answer.

You know it well that you have to give your Facebook Ad Account to the professionals for them to work on your account. Before it is really late, take immediate steps for your advertising to soar high.

First of all, your main task is to own a Business Manager account that has to be associated with your Facebook Ads account. Do you know the benefits of setting up a Business Account? Fine, let me explain. When you have a Business Manager account, then you can:

a. Manage the advertising, pages, accounts, and application – all from one particular location

b. Effectively manage several accounts working at the same time

c. Provide the  various levels of access privileges to each of your team or agency members based on their exact needs and roles

d. Organize every reporting action in a single location

e. Easily get into partnership

Now you have an important task to fulfill that is, sign up for the Business Manager following the below-mentioned steps:

First: Quickly visit business.facebook.com.

Second: Select the Create Account.

Third: Enter the business name which will be set up for your Business Manager.

Fourth: Enter your full name and then your corporate email address.

Fifth: Select the Primary Page to be used for your Business Manager. You have to do it by typing the Business name into the Search box. Then click on the exact page.

Sixth: At the end, you have to add a Facebook Ads Account to your Business Manager. Type the Ads account name in the Search box, and click on it as it appears in the search results.

So, that is it… You are successful in creating your Business Manager. You have also your Company Page as well as the Ads Account. Now you are totally ready to share the same access with your professional partner.

Shifting to the Pivotal Part of our Discussion:

So, done with creating the Business Manager? Find out what’s next. The next matter concerns the central aspect of our today’s topic. To share the Facebook Ad Account with your partner, you have to:

1. Visit business.facebook.com, and it will lead you to your Business Manager page.

2. Click on the Business Settings as you can see on the top right corner.

3. While scrolling over the menu options, as denoted by the blue “people” icon and the subsequent grey icons beneath it, you shall see the Settings menu to open up. For assigning a partner, click on Ad Accounts.

4. Then select the account where you have to add a partner and provide the access.

5. As you can see Assign Partner in the top right corner, click on it.

6. A new panel opens up where you have to enter the information of your partner. Consult them and get it done.

7. Select the role of Admin specified for your digital marketing agency partner. They have to be the Admin to handle the advertising with added efficiency.

8. After selecting the Role for your partner, share the link with them which you are provided with. It is one method you can choose to provide access to. 

9. The second method by which you can easily provide the access to your partner is by clicking on the words highlighted in blue which goes like “Connect your business account using your partner’s business ID instead”.

10. You shall receive a new popup as you click on the blue link. The popup asks to fill in the ID of your agency partner. Your agency will be provided with your partner’s ID that is basically at the end of your partner’s Business Manager URL.

11. Click on Connect after you have entered the ID number of your partner’s agency.

When you reach at this point, your agency partner and you as well will receive a notification about having access to the account. Now your partner can start to manage your advertising.

I am attaching one video link here, which will help you better with the information I have provided in this section. Click to watch the video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EP7QfOy1QYM

That is all for the day. You have the step by step guide on providing the Facebook Ad Account access to your partner. It is possible to get stuck, and you are always welcome to contact us at Intraforce Marketing. Our experts will show you the right way to solve your issues.

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