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Top 5 Reasons Why SEO Is Better Than PPC

In this digital landscape most online businesses are competing with one another to achieve and retain Google page 1 ranking for higher visibility. There are scores of marketing ways to get increased traffic, leads and sales and SEO and PPC are the most popular online marketing strategies among them all. Many businesses are in caught in two minds when it comes to select between SEO and PPC.  Perhaps some insights on both of these two types of digital marketing campaigns will help you understand which one yields more sustainable result in the long run.

SEO is a long-term search engine marketing process in which websites are optimised to get top Google ranking for targeted keywords. SEO provides businesses with a constant flow of organic which results in more leads and sales.

PPC, on the other hand, is used by established businesses to get on top of search engine instantly. The process involves paying money to secure ad spaces on top of search result pages. Businesses have to pay for each and every PPC campaign and sometime require hefty budget to pay for highly competitive keywords.

Between these two internet marketing types, SEO is the better choice for a range of reasons. Here are 5 top reasons why you should keep SEO as your primary digital marketing weapon and use PPC once in a while when you need quick result.

People are weary of paid advertisements

With years of experience of going through search result listing, users now can easily distinguish paid adverts from organic results.  People immediately go past those paid search results that come with a small box written ‘ad’ inside it. Most people tend to click on links on the organic search listing as they find those websites more credible and serve them better in terms of the searches they make.

SEO garners high quality leads

If your business is put on top of Google organic search result through properly implemented SEO services, there is higher chance of getting genuine leads that you can convert into sales. By using SEO you can improve the quality of the content of your website so that users find them useful and keep coming back again to your website. SEO also keep the keywords optimised for search engines so that when people make search with those particulars keywords your website will show up first. Since these queries are genuine, SEO definitely make sure that the clicks to your website are of superior quality and you in turn will enjoy higher conversion rate.

SEO helps build trust

One of the chief reasons why SEO will always remain the winner is the trust that it instils in users. Websites that get to the top of Google organically leveraging SEO are invariably considered as trusted and useful by users.  Top websites on search engine result pages for a particular search are considered as the authority websites and most users click on these websites to get the best information for their searches.   SEO helps impress search engine algorithm by optimising contents, keywords and images and get websites on top. And this helps build trust of the users in these websites in turn.

SEO is less expensive than PPC

Another reason why SEO is preferred to PPT is it is lot cheaper. Small and medium businesses with limited budget find SEO lot more productive in the long run. PPC in comparison costs lot more and the expenses increase even more for competitive keywords. Your online marketing expenses will be lot less if you resort to SEO instead of PPC.  The cost of managing and executing SEO campaigns is well within the budget of all business owners whereas PPC campaigns incur lot higher costs.

Higher click through rates come from SEO

Websites that reach the top of search engine result page organically are more likely to receive more clicks than those websites that get to the top position by paying for PPC advertisements. Therefore, SEO is way more effective when it comes to get high click through rates.  Even though PPC can put a website on top, it fails to attract high click through rate because most users steer clear of paid search results.

5 staggering stats why SEO remains better option than PPC

  • 77% of users prefer organic to paid results
  • 67% users pick products and services from organic search results while making a purchase
  • 8 times more clicks are likely to be generated by SEO than PPC 
  • 45 times less costly is SEO compared to PPC
  • 85% more traffic is likely to be brought by SEO than PPC

3 advantages of opting for SEO over PPC

Great flexibility

SEO campaigns come with a lot of flexibility.  You can mould your SEO campaign according to your marketing needs. SEO is multi-dimensional as well whereas PPC is one-dimensional and there is not much of flexibility available when it comes to setting up a PPC campaign.

Broader scope for integration

Most online businesses are leveraging the immense popularity of social networking sites to get more customers. Social media marketing has proved to be very productive for aspiring business owners across the world. The advantage of opting for SEO over PPC is the former can be integrated with the social media marketing strategy. Email marketing services can also be optimised for search engines to get better results. Similarly, blogs and ebooks can also be SEO rich and contribute towards high search engine ranking of a website. PPC on the other hand works independently and cannot be integrated with any other form of online marketing techniques.

Better utilization of referrals

When it comes to getting online referral SEO is much better option than PPC.  Since online referral is a proven way of increasing traffic, most businesses choose SEO over PPC for online referral.

In a nutshell, SEO is more effective as a means of online marketing than PPC. It costs less and websites can achieve and retain higher organic ranking position for a longer period of time. Once you establish a robust SEO campaign in the most ethical way possible, it will continue to yield results. Unlike PPC, SEO doesn’t require continuous finding to make websites perform well on search engine result pages.

As a business owner it is crucial for you to make the right choice between SEO and PPC to ensure long-term business growth. This blog has made an attempt to give a comparative study about these two types of digital marketing campaigns you understand which one is better between SEO and PPC and why.

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