Job Responsibilities Handled by the Virtual Assistant at INTRAFORCE MARKETING

A simple definition of Virtual Assistant is the office administration position for a professional to work as an independent contract worker. Virtual Assistant works from self-chosen office space to provide creative, technical and administrative services. Intraforce Marketing (INTRAFORCE MARKETING) has employed experienced Virtual Assistant who effectively performs a number of tasks in order to coordinate business procedures. Precisely managing the customer spreadsheets, taking incoming calls and addressing to disputes and providing a remedy, our Virtual Assistant schedule bookings and update the website contents. Updating the social media accounts and communicating with the customers via call or email are done here. Additionally, our Virtual Assistant is responsible for receiving accounts, collecting debts and billing with perfection. Furthermore, Virtual Assistant makes the necessary fast data entry, handle calendar management, and take care of travel arrangements. We have our fast Virtual Assistants preparing, collating and shipping the proposals and meeting materials for the sake of your business. INTRAFORCE MARKETING has allocated such an illustrious position to the Virtual Assistants for the benefits of the clients, at unbelievable pocket-friendly rates to avoid the breaches in a business. Because of their exclusive, guaranteed and satisfaction rendering services, INTRAFORCE MARKETING has emerged as a leading company in providing Virtual Assistant Services for the welfare of our clients.

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The combined tasks handled at INTRAFORCE MARKETING by the swift Virtual Assistant

Online Research

Clients often ask for online research on particular topics, the Virtual Assistant fulfills this task through online research. Clearly understanding the topic and making the required approach, Virtual Assistant sorts out the details to make a vivid summary of the findings. The topics range from flight schedules, best possible travel routes and their next best alternatives, information related to the industrial news and background.

Scheduling and Filing

Remarkable organizational skills and deeper attention to details lead the Virtual Assistant of INTRAFORCE MARKETING to create perfect schedules, set appointments, online filings, and arrange the travel needs.

Market Research

Data mining is a core job fulfilled well at INTRAFORCE MARKETING. Carrying out detailed data research, our Virtual Assistant furnishes the client/s’ company with the required essential details important to make advancements in business undertakings. Having the vital responsibility, our Virtual Assistant prepare the reports on statistics, data, market competition, needs and spending habits of buyers as well as of the potential clients.

Social Media Dealing

Concentrating on social media services, our Virtual Assistant takes relevant steps to increase the online visibility of the company. Also, our professional Virtual Assistant handles the core areas related to the business which are effective to raise the business networks.

Eminent Skills of INTRAFORCE MARKETING Virtual Assistant for the Business Growth

Excellent written skills

Writing is the chief medium of formal communication. Our company’s Virtual Assistant is adept with replying the clients via email regarding their needed information. The reports prepared are highly transparent and easily understood by one and all.

Praiseworthy abilities to make suitable planning and strategies

According to the importance of the works among a list of tasks, our Virtual Assistant organizes the tasks. On the order of vitalities, productive planning is made and the professional Virtual Assistant employs proper strategies to execute the tasks.

Focused more on Batching in comparison to Multitasking

Although multitasking cannot be completely avoided yet our Virtual Assistant emphasizes on batching. Setting up proper time slots for each work to complete those in the given time, our Virtual Assistant excels in time bound submission. For instance, at the time of preparing reports, the focus is on preparing reports on each and every client project as required.

Basic Knowledge on Accounting

Being experts to determine the profitable projects and clients, the clients’ bills are too handled by our Virtual Assistants at INTRAFORCE MARKETING. We also take special care of the maximum revenue generating areas. Additionally, our Virtual Assistant controls the expenses.