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What are the differences between Paid Search and Organic Search?

Paid Search and Organic Search

Both unpaid organic search and paid searches are integral parts of a marketing strategy to make the strategy more defined. That is to say, when the search results are returned by the search result, they are either organic searches or paid searches.

In this blog, we are now going to discuss the differences between the paid searches and organic searches under the following six heads:

  1. The Meaning of Organic Searches
  2. The Meaning of Paid Searches
  3. How are the Organic Searches Utilized by the Website?
  4. How is the Paid Search Utilized by the Website?
  5. Does Paid Search Increase a Website’s Organic Rank?
  6. How to Rank a Website Organically?

So let us go ahead…

1. First is, the Meaning of Organic Search:

Organic Search refers to all the non paid search results displayed by the search engines. Owing to its merits and credits of their contents, the organic search results are displayed. The organic searches chiefly rest on the popularity of the website and the way in which the contents are related to the search keywords.

2. Next… Meaning of Paid Search:

Paid search is the ads. The ads are displayed at the side of the organic search results. Rather, the paid search is the chief way for search engines to make some money. When the browsers are searching for a specific product or a service, then they can find the ads are always appearing at the top of the search results or they are placed in either the left or right sidebar.

3. In what way does a Website Utilize Organic Search?

After a website is created and made live, it is submitted to Google. Google reads and analyzes the contents to check its abidance of Google’s terms and conditions. After that, it crawls and captures the bots. Finally, the website is indexed – this is how a website can take complete advantage of organic search. For the web pages, the organic searches are useful as the web [ages are developed on specific keyword/s which are being targeted by the website.

Organic search is dependable over time, as the website increases it’s SEO through on-site and off-site SEO and ultimately gets a higher rank.

4. In what way does a Website Utilize the Paid Search?

Despite its size, the website is able to fully utilize the paid search. It is made possible by setting up the essential Google Adwords Account. Furthermore, the business owners pay for a specific list of keywords to be ranked.  The charge of the keywords range from a specific cost per click and it ranges are varied. The keyword’s competitive trait determines the charges. You have to set a monthly Adwords budget. Google ensures your budget will be spent just up to the maximum set up value.

5. Does the Paid Search Increase the Organic Rank of the Website?

The organic ranking of a website is not affected by the paid search. For instance, if a website is ranked on page 14 of the search engine results page, it still can have a good number of viewers owing to the paid searches.  A generous Adwords budget helps the website with greater traffic from the same traffic when assigned with paid ads. But as soon as the Adwords campaign is canceled then the traffic instantly vanishes, thus having no effect on the site’s organic rank.

6. How to Rank a Website Organically?

Meaningful, readable, easy to understand contents are the best for the websites to rank higher organically. The reason is clear as the Google searchers will want to read the easy to analyze contents for that specific keyword. No cost per month is involved in the website to rank higher organically. Time and effort are highly required to achieve search engine ranking.

The best step that you should adopt to follow the paid search and organic search techniques is consulting the professionals. Contact Intraforce Marketing to set up your keywords and also to allocate paid and organic searches.

You can also refer to the video of the link I have attached to be clear with the difference between paid search and organic search:


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