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What is Search Engine Optimization and how does it work?

Search Engine Optimization or SEO, I am sure that every website developer have heard about this term at least once in their life. This is not a rocket science. This is just a simple process that has been made to send signals to search engine to let Google index rank your page. Still confuse?? In simple words we use SEO to enhance the rank of a website. Technically,SEO is use to get larger amount of visitor to a website by ranking it on the top of the search engine.

SEO is available in two different stages.

  • On-site SEO– This is simply what we do for a website. The effort we are giving to Fincrease the visibility of our website is called On-site SEO.  Basically the structure we provide for the website to be a SEO based website is called On-site SEO.
  • Off-site SEO– Besides the structure we provide to increase the rank on a website, there is another way to make it. There are different websites who provide there links to your website for advertisement. From trust and dependency, this kind of links is coming. Google also consider those trustworthy website on the top of search engine list and this is called Off-site SEO.

The fun fact about SEO: When we give exam we get score right??? Here the concept is also same. Google gives score to the websites and the ranking is being decided on the basis of that.

Top 5 Aspects of a Website that Google Consider

Google have special mathematical algorithm to detect the number of visitors. Google count every visitor and make the ranking accordingly. The main motto of this ranking is to provide the best website that people are looking for.The algorithm gives score in different category. On the basis of the categories the rank is being decided.  The categories are….

1. How unique and innovative the website is?

Fist let’s take an example. Suppose you run a clothing line and your website is also related to that. There are so many different companies who maybe have the same website and your website describe the items like them and you never show the uniqueness of your product. Google never consider this kind website at the top of the search engine. Because you are using same keyword same description nothing is special. Google loves isolated content. To overcome this challenge provides different kind of facts, information, offers etc. This was just an example. Just make sure your website contains some unique contains. Show Google your website is different from other websites. Research and make some innovative moves for you website, Google will never disappoint you for sure.

2. How many sites link to your site?

In today’s era, to be in the race, you have to be socially popular. Google shows most visited sites on the top of the list means the most popular sites win the race. You have to assure Google that your site is the most popular one. For that you just need to follow some simple rules. Make some group of people and ask them to show your product. The customers, who bought from your site, ask them to take a picture and upload that on your website.  Ask them to give a review on it.  Positive review can help to link other people to your website. More links means your website is more trustworthy. Google never underestimate trustable websites. Get other popular website to link to you. Get popular vendors, wholesaler, clients, and customers and prove that your website is highly demanding to Google.

3. How trustworthy your site is?

Another important thing, how trustworthy your website is.  Google doesn’t show any random website on the top of the search engine list. It shows the premium website when people search a particular one. Google trust only trustworthy websites. How you will make you website trustworthy?? If you are genuine then you don’t need to worry about anything. People automatically trust you and give you a good review. That’s enough to be a trustworthy website in Google’s eye. Show the love and excellent reviews people gave to you and that’s it.

4. Does Your Website have relevant keyword?

The most important thing for the SEO is to selecting keyword. Keywords are the main mantra that can make your site “the most visited” one.  Choose keyword as you are the customer who is looking for the most popular, most visited website. Suppose you are looking for a T-shirt. What you will search?? Best quality T-shirt online or Buy T-shirt in best price online etc. These are the keywords you can use if you are running a T-shirt brand like Best Quality T-shirt, Best Price T-shirt etc. A very simple thing you need to follow. Think you are a customer and how you will want things what you are looking for. You will get the keywords very easily.

5. Structure of URL and simple design.

  • Make the structure of the URL simple so that it’s easier to find them. Try to provide more information in URL about the article. To find effortlessly, create shorter URL. Provide top most keyword to the URL.
  • Best optimized websites are those who have simplest and flexible design.  The website should be responsive to any device. On all size and type of devices, we can operate easily. Google love mobile friendly devices.

SEO is just a simple process. This is the process to provide your website a platform to perform and provide a great website to the search engine. A searcher is always searching for something unique and trust worthy. To inform them how innovative your website is, you always need the help of SEO. Give some effort, know the keywords, properly, provide genuine information, let the people talk about you and you are done.  By this Google will love to show your website on top of the search engine. So if you want be on top of the list, you have to know SEO very well.

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